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    One Customer's Journey To Bad Monday

    One Customer's Journey To Bad Monday

    We recently received an email from a customer who wanted to share with us his weight loss journey and how wearing Bad Monday had helped him with his confidence. 

    We have shared his story below -

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    Discover Our Limited Edition Family Set

    “Bad Monday would not exist were it not for all of our unbelievable community, 2020 was a bad year for many reasons but it was also a year where our Bad Monday community grew closer together and more united than ever. This item celebrates all that follow us, the community and ultimately our ever-growing family. We thank you for all of your support the past twelve challenging months and are excited for all that will follow in 2021 and beyond.”

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    Bad Monday Lockdown Artist Competition

    Lockdown T-Shirt Design Competition 2020

    Here at Bad Monday, we have built our business around art and at the heart of our success has been the uncapped creativity from our collaborators. As well as working alongside our favourite established artists, we also love to support new talent.

    Staying creative during this year has been difficult, and we want to encourage continued expression through art. So, we are giving you a chance to show us what you can bring to the table with your own designs. 

    Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a budding illustrator, we’d love for you to share your hand-drawn creations with us, and in exchange, we’ll be shortlisting ten artists and then picking five winners to bring their designs to life on our T-shirts. As well as seeing your designs featured on the Bad Monday website, you will also receive a 20% commission on all your T-shirts sold. That’s not a bad Lockdown achievement!

    Here are the details:

    We’d like you to create and submit a piece of tattoo-inspired artwork for the chance to get your designs created and sold through our website. The design should be in a flash style and the art should reflect your 2020, however you interpret that.

    The nitty-gritty:

    • The competition launches on the 2nd November 2020.
    • The competition will be closing at 11:59 pm GMT, 12th November 2020.
    • There will be ten artists shortlisted and five winners.
    • The shortlisted ten artists will be contacted via email or direct message on instagram after the closing date to be informed.
    • The ten shortlisted artists will go head-to-head for the final decision on the 13th of November 2020.
    • The five winning designs will be live on the website from the 14th of November and will be sold for 10 days as a limited run until the 24th of November.
    • The five winning artists will also receive a 20% commission on sales generated from their T-Shirts.

      (details of head-to-head rounds to be confirmed - watch this space!)

      How to submit

      Email your submission* to: Artists@badmonday.co.uk

      In your submission email, you must include: 

      In your submission email, you must include:

      • Your name and Instagram handle
      • A short bio about you, including your inspiration (200 words max, please)
      • Artwork submitted as a single JPEG, please
      • Artwork can be either a hand-drawn image or a digital drawing, signed, and dated by the artist
      • Submissions can also include images and videos of the process; however, this isn't a requirement to enter.

      *Remember, submission closes on 11:59pm GMT,  12th November 2020 and anything after this date won’t count  

      Share the love

      We love to hear from our fans and customers through social media. Share your inspiration, process and designs with us on Instagram using @badmondayapparel #badmondayeditions

      Please note, by sharing your designs with us through emailing us, or through social media, you’re giving us permission to reshare your imagery (we’ll tag you, of course). 

      Here’s the fine print:

      Terms & Conditions

      Some inspiration: