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    Jessica O Limited edition capsule collection launch

    Introducing Jessica O X Bad Monday

    About Jessica O

    Introducing our first female-led collection by the talented tattoo artist Jessica O. Combining our love for traditional tattoos, diversity and inclusivity.

    The collaborative collection fuses our joint love of eye-catching graphics, whilst championing Jessica’s signature style. This one-of-a-kind capsule range is limited edition, so make sure you pick up a piece whilst you can.

    Jessica in her own words

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

    I'm Jessica, my last name is Oliveira, that's why the ‘O’ at the end of my name. I planned to be a fashion designer, but the universe had other plans for me. I graduated in Fashion Design at the age of 21, and by that time I already had my own clothing brand. The garments we’re faux leather pants, corsets, vests and stuff, mostly for heavy metal bands

    Where are you based?

    I live in Blumenau, Brazil and I currently work at Lado Clássico Tattoo. When the pandemic hit, I also traveled to São Paulo and Curitiba and worked there periodically there too.

    How and why did you get into tattooing?

    I always loved to draw, and after being disappointed by the fashion industry and lousy jobs, I got the opportunity to be my friend's apprentice 6 years ago. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    “The tattoo industry really changed my life, I was able to work in so many great places, and meet many awesome people and travel and work abroad for the first time in 2018."

    What influences your tattoo style?

    I'm bound to the traditional way of tattooing and I try to transform my ideas to the traditional style . It's important that I make tattoos that work for the customer and don't fade with time. I'm always learning and observing what I can do better, so I think my way of tattooing is always changing.

    For me, Bad Monday is all about traditional tattoos, but the designs are always different from the classic traditional style. They always have little things that make them so unique, and I like to think my work is a little bit that way too.

    I had the most fun designing for this collection. The Bad Monday team gave me so much freedom, and helped me so much with the technical elements. I'm really excited for the launch, and I hope everyone loves the collection as much as I do!

    You can follow Jessica’s journey here