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    Luis Lefeld Limited edition capsule collection launch

    Introducing Luis Lefeld X Bad Monday

    About Luis Lefeld

    Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Luis Lefeld has spent almost 6 years living and working as a tattoo artist in Madrid. Luis’ training as a graphic designer combined with his love for traditional tattoo style, means his design-style is simple, bold and clean. Making sense of the world around him through using illustration, his designs are thought-provoking and powerful.

    His designs often contain strong imagery paired with phrases. It’s this recognisable and powerful combination that gives context to his work, and makes him truly stand out as an artist.

    He says “..even though I have clients that don't want to get the phrase tattooed, I have no problem with that, I write the words or phrases so people can relate to something, to start a new way of thinking.”

    Luis goes on to say “My aspiration for my tattoo career is to do it until I die, keep travelling the world and meet more awesome people, work on bigger projects, keep learning from it. I just want to have fun and do what I love for the rest of my life.”

    You can follow Luis’ journey here